Professional Collection Service

Do you DREAD having to call your patients to ask for money? Let our trained, professional collectors handle this task instead, so you can concentrate on running your practice more efficiently.

Why Choose Us:

  • We specialize in collection of past due accounts
  • We've successfully collected over $3.3 Million for our clients since 1989
  • We don't get paid until you do!

Our Services:

Collection of Past Due Accounts - we handle all the collection procedures to ensure you get your money
Pre-Collection Service - For a “flat-fee” of $5.00 per account, we will send out two letters ten days apart requesting your patients to pay your office or make suitable arrangements with you for payment. When they do so, simply call us with a “Stop Order” followed up by a faxed or mailed confirmation. At this point, all collection efforts will cease. If no “Stop Order” has been received, the accounts will proceed into Collection on the twenty-first day.
Remember, We don’t get paid until YOU do!

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